Shelter… Not A Luxury

Minimum Viable
Housing – Introducing
the Cubbie Tiny Home

Illinois Supply is working with Amish craftsman to build basic shelters which will be generally be sold in batches of 50 units at an approximate cost of $10,000 each.

  • Full enclosed shelter from the elements
  • Locking residential door
  • 2 Windows with locks
  • Storage Locker Under Bed
  • Fully Insulated
  • Dry Sink
  • Bed with Twin Mattress
  • Integrated shelving
  • Basic Solar-Powered Light
  • Mini-Split Heater and Air Conditioner (Access to Electricity Required. House power panel plugs into your available on-site electricity – no hard wiring required)
  • Each Unit is Painted A Different Color For Pride of Ownership
  • Address Plate and Mail Slot (To Give Unhomed Individuals Access to Mail Delivery)
  • Includes shutters and flower boxes Units delivered fully assembled
  • No foundation needed, perfect for rapid deployment of shelter in parking lots or other short or medium term locations. Fully relocatable and truck shippable
  • No assembly needed.
  • Minimum Viable Housing (MVH) units are recommended for use adjacent to buildings with restrooms or utilizing rental restroom trailers, shower trailers and laundry trailers.

Why Cubbie?

8×12 (96 sq. feet) home.
Includes Heat and A/C


Minimum Order is 10 Units for Q1 2024 to support pilot projects.

Prices and discounts

Tiny Home Price $12,995
Quantity Discount (25+): $11,995
Quantity Discount (50+): $9,995

To make progress in solving homelessness we have to acknowledge two realities: Capitalism and Democracy, as systems, are the world’s best. They motivate and elevate almost everyone – and the ones that admittedly fall through the cracks are epitomized by the homeless. But Capitalism does even more than usually raising standards of living. Capitalism makes simple, obvious ideas “cheap”.

Shelter is not a complex idea! We have known how to “make a house” for centuries, if not millennia. If you acknowledge that the homeless have fallen through the cracks of our awesome system, then you can focus on the cheapest, fastest way to manually elevate these human beings so that they can live in a less expensive version of our affluent world – thereby preventing humanitarian and public health tragedies and preventing some of the conflict that is inevitable when haves and have-nots live on top of each other.

With the right attitude you can do so in such a way that is both high tech, low cost and politically expedient.

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President and Owner of Illinois Supply Company

“There is a time for policy and there is a time for immediate “action” – When the Good Samaritan discovered an injured person on the roadside, they didn’t go home and think about how society’s policies could change – he helped there and then”.

Brandon Wilson